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  1. Diet Tracker Showdown: MyFitnessPal vs. Lose It
  2. Lose It! iPhone Diet & Weight Loss App Review
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For the same 4. According to the USDA, the correct amount is , but may vary according to how it is prepared. From other food items, it seemed MyFitnessPal was more likely to give a lower estimate, but it also gave me a lower total calorie goal. MyFitnessPal seems to have more users complaining about inaccurate calorie counts , but that may just be because it has more users overall. Calorie counting is never going to be totally accurate , anyway, so take any numbers with a grain of salt.

Both apps give you a target number of calories, based on your age, sex, and weight. There are different methods of calculating your calorie needs, and none is guaranteed correct, so the truth will come out as you figure out what happens to your weight over time. This one is subjective, but I found Lose It to have a nicer interface.

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  • Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad: Get Inspired to Lose Fat?
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You keep getting bumped back to the home screen, for example, which is full of blog posts. By contrast, when you complete an action in Lose It, you return to the food diary itself. Searching by keyword is the easiest way to get started. We were impressed with just how comprehensive the food database is.

A search for "bacon," for example, brings up regular bacon, turkey bacon, vegetarian bacon, bacon fat, bacon drippings, and a whole lot more. We also love that it includes so many restaurant foods, which is helpful for checking calorie counts even when you're dining out.

Once you add an exercise, the app combines your calorie burn and exercise totals so you know exactly where you stand for the day. The app also includes some other nifty features. With your free account, you can add friends, back up your data online, and view weight-loss reports. Lose It! It is rather time-consuming to log your food every day, but it gets faster once you add some foods to your favorites and get the hang of the interface. We also restored support for Apple Watch OS 4 so no more crashing.

Since we're busy searching last minute costumes, we'll keep it short: We added support for XS max and XR resolutions in the app! Your views should look absolutely boo-tiful. Oops, looks like something wasn't quite adding up with our plus button on the iPad - we got it now, coming at ya with the fix! Our taste in cheese, beer, and bread is about to get a whole lot better.

Diet Tracker Showdown: MyFitnessPal vs. Lose It

Say hallo to our German version of Lose It! Wilkommen, friends! But wait, there's more! If you love our barcode scanner, get this: We're launching a new nutrition label scanner to help you pull in a food's nutrient info in a flash. When creating a new food, tap the "autofill with your camera" button to launch the new scanner, and Lose It!

SO much easier than typing. It's automagical.

Lose It! iPhone Diet & Weight Loss App Review

You're invited to the Cat Pajama Jam! We fixed the issue that stopped you from recording your weight if you were in a locale that uses a comma as the decimal separator. Now it should be working purrfectly. Get ready for the coolest thing to hit your wrist since 80's slap bracelets: Check out the sweet gauges.

Food Tracking Made Easy

In other news, we fixed the bug causing the wrong log screen header to be displayed. Now it matches up with your log display, just like it should. Boy were we in a jam! Butter get this update with the fixes: We fixed the bug where logging from a Siri voice shortcut was failing.

Couple of cough drops did the trick. Announcing our latest celeb partnership: Once Siri determines the timing of your meals and the food you typically log, it will suggest them to you for easier tracking. Gotta love having famous friends. Get ready to run - you can now connect your Garmin device through the Health app! We've also worked out the iPad bug preventing people from starting a new plan. Yep, we put some muscle behind this release.

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Those 3 little words we all want to hear: Bug fixes. I'll be there for you