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With limera1n, it's a cinch! It's so easy, in fact, that this hacker's how-to can present a complete overview of the process in just three minutes. For all of the details, and to get started jailbreaking your own iPhone, iPod Touch or iPa Google's Goggles mobile app was a big hit on the Android market, and now they've given iPhone users the chance to enjoy the awesomeness of Google Goggles. Simply t Thinking of buying the new Apple iPhone 3GS? This video tutorial straight from Apple is an iPhone 3GS guided tour, which takes you through a demo of the features of the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.

This video illustrates the method of Downgrading the iPhone 3Gs firmware from version 3. The process is composed of the following steps -Step 1Download the iPhone 3Gs firmware version 3. You can find this on apple's official site or y Now that it's legal to jailbreak mobile phones, why not finally take the plunge and jailbreak your iPhone? This video will show you how to create a custom.

The process is pretty quick and easy, and will al This video tutorial will show you how to use a Wii controller to play games on your iPhone 3GS. Follow these easy steps to start playing games on your iPhone with your Wii controller: Open Nintendo 64 for iPhone. Turn the Wii remote on and off, and hit the 'One' and 'Two' butt This video will show you how to play on your Xbox using your iPhone 3GS.

In order to do that just follow these steps: You will need to get a Slingbox Solo, a composite cable and the Slingbox Player installed on your device. Now you will need to plug in the composite cable Right out of the box, iPhone is incredibly easy to use. The iPhone redefines what a mobile Learn how to unlock your iPhone or iPhone 3GS on firmware version 3. Unlocking your iPhone has many perks, allowing you to break free from many of the iPhone's restrictions.

Add this source to Cydia and install Ultrasn0w: In this video, you will learn exactly how to take pictures with your Apple iPad! What you need for this to work: Unlock a jailbroken iPhone 3GS to use it with T-mobile.

This only works with an iPhone 3GS, not any other iPhone, and only on firmware 3. Turn off 3G under "settings" and then "general". Go to Cydia. This video describes how to Enable battery percentage on iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3GS has the features of showing the "Battery Percentage" and to do that we has to follow the following steps, 2. Select the "settings" to get into the settings and the select the "General" menu. This video walks you through how to jailbreak an iPhone 3GS using a Windows operating system. This tutorial only covers the 3.

Howto: Make your own custom Ringtones for iPhone 2.0 (3G)

If you are using a different version of the iPhone or a different firmware version, this video is not for In this video from sjsharksiPodtouch we learn how to jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs with firmware 3. With your iPhone plugged it, download the PurpleRa1n file and click make it rain. Then your iPhone will enter into recovery mode. You'll see the PurpleRa1n You will need the 3. Download it, install it and run it. Make sure iTunes You can use music and effects from GarageBand, or import your own sound files.

Then you can transfer them to your iPhone via iTunes and assign them as your main ringtone or speci In this clip, you'll see how to turn off the auto spell checker on an iPhone 3GS. For more information, including For more inf Looking for a guide on how to disable push notifications on your iPhone 3GS? You've found it. For more information Interested in knowing how to force quit an application on an iPhone 3GS? It's easy. And this clip will show you how it's done.

Whether you're the proud owner of an Apple iPhone 3G or perhaps just considering picking one up second hand, you're sure to benefit from this free vid So first go to the settings and there you have to click on general and then go to network.

How to create free ringtones for iPhone (2G,3G,3GS,iPhone 4)

Now you have to click on internet tethering and turn it on. When y In this video, we learn how to use the camera on the iPhone 3GS. From the home screen, tap the camera icon. From here, the camera will appear on the screen with what you can take a picture of. I am a music and ringtone junky.

Iphone 3gs Ringtones

Unable to find anywhere that explained a simple way to do your own ringtones without paying for it, I tried multiple ways to get the ringtone into itunes, all without success. Finally broke down and tried the paid software demo. My hunch paid off and I found out what I needed.

That is not good for a ringtone. Most of my ringtones are around 20 seconds long, but I think you can go longer See Update 2 below.

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Switch from NCH Software is perfect if you need to do bulk conversions. There are also multiple online file converters. A good list is over on MakeUseOf. If you edit your contacts directly you can assign custom ringtones for each one. After adding my other ringtones, the iphone itself is limited to carrying only 10 ringtones at once.

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  • Sad Leth. If someone finds out differently without jailbreaking their phone, please comment and let me know. When I added them to my library, all of them would show up in iTunes, but not all would show up on the Ringtones tab under my iPhone. I trimmed them down to under 35 seconds and they all work now. You have to first unhide the extensions in order to change the file extensions. Another reader mentioned the website MakeYourOwnRingtone.

    You will still need to convert the file to. Double click on the. I make them all the time. Takes about 5 minutes. One of my close friends uses it and is happy with it.

    Getting Free Ringtones - Apple Community

    Besides, I already had several ringtone mp3s setup from my old Treo Ringo rocks if you have a palm os so all I needed to know was how to convert them. Lots of links to places that would do it for you, but none of them explained the process. Oh, and Jet, FYI: The old iphones used the EDGE network. That is the reason why so many people traded in their old iphones to get a new one. The connection really does make a difference. I suppose its just simply out of the hardware limitations of the 1st generation phone….

    Almost but not quite. I see a noticable difference, but then 3G is also limited by cell reception. Technically, Jet is correct. On the topic of the ringtones, I have yet to try this, but I thank you for the write up. I come from using a T-mobile Dash where I can just copy mp3s to my microSD card and use them as ringtones. I think Apple is retarded for trying to force people to pay for ringtones. Looks like the iPhone 3g 8Gb model can hold more than 10 songs.

    All I knew was that it was the name of the network not the phone. Thanks for the tidbit. And yea, Apple is stupid for trying to force people to buy ringtones. I might try removing them and adding them again. Pretty simple to do actually. I tried all of the things that you mentioned and there are bunch of videos on youtube displaying the same, but I can not see the ringtones in my iPhone.

    Not really. If the files are in m4r format then they should show up in iTunes. Ravihdesal Ok, I might know what it is. Kind the get started time that you wrote down in the "Commence Time" text box. Kind the conclude time that you wrote down in the "Finish Time" text box. Click on "OK" to use the modifications. The pop-up window will shut and return you to the primary window that contains the listing of new music files. The new AAC file's begin time and stop time will match the values you entered in the text boxes.

    Navigate to your desktop and appropriate Click on it. Choose "Paste" from the drop-down menu. Windows will paste the AAC file onto the desktop. You will watch an icon for the file and the file's identify under the icon. For instance, if the identify of the file is "MySong. AAC files have an ". Proper Click on the file and choose "Rename. Alter the identify of the file extension from ". Click on the "Ringtones" icon on the left facet of the window to watch obtainable ringtones.

    The new ringtone that you produced will be in the checklist.

    Random Thoughts from Lethann

    Attach one conclude of your iphone information cable to a totally free USB slot on your pc. Attach the other finish of the cable to the bottom of the iphone. ITunes will acknowledge the iphone and display an iphone icon on the left facet of the iTunes window. Click on the icon to choose it, and then Click on the "Ringtones" tab at the top of the iTunes window.