Android tweaks for root users


  1. Magisk (Free)
  2. 5 Android Tweaks that Require Root Access
  3. Unleash your superpowers with the best root apps for Android | AndroidPIT

This is implemented as a kernel module because it requires that low-level access. Other commonly used features that often require custom kernels include display calibration, CPU downclocking for more battery life , and CPU overclocking for more performance.

Top 6 MUST HAVE Root Apps 2017 ! BEST Root Apps For Android

When you install an app, Android shows you the permissions the app requires. The good news is that Android 4. Tasker allows you to make things automatically happen when certain conditions are met. However, some features you can change yourself require root access when controlled by an application. AirAudio does this by capturing the audio data coming from an application and sending it over the network.

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Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. Once you have rooted your Android, you may never want to unroot it.

Magisk (Free)

You can easily backup your personal media files via a microSD card or a cumputer by a USB, but you can never backup the apps data or system data until you gain the root access. App like Titanium is a backup app which can backup everything of your Android.

Backup is the inevitable choice for which you need root access to Android device. Ads are a necessary evil. Each time when you browse the websites or open an app on your Android phones, the ads may pop up. These unavoidable ads are too annoying so that users couldn't bear.

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  8. While, users are eager to block ads with apps. But apps like Adaway or Adblock can just be installed by a rooted device.

    5 Android Tweaks that Require Root Access

    Such apps and softwares that preinstalled by manufactures and carriers which can not be deleted are called bloatwares. These apps are seldom or never used by users. These useless apps not only occupy the small storage space, but also drain the battery life when running on the background.

    Change Your DNS Server

    Users really want to uninstall them but can't. Users have to download the third-party app to complete it. Root access is needed. However, if you root your Android with Kingoroot, the Kingo SuperUser will help you do that without downloading a third-party app.

    Unleash your superpowers with the best root apps for Android | AndroidPIT

    Many users may experience this situation that you want to install a game app with some incompatible message. You may feel frustrating, and even more frustrating when you realize that there's no good reason why you see this message. To flash a custom ROM is one of the popular things after rooting.